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These two are getting married in Maine and already have their wedding photographer booked, but they live here in South Florida so they decided to do their engagement session closer to home. Erin chose Vizcaya Museum and Garden in South Miami and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had been here but hadn’t been fortunate enough to photograph a session of my own there before. Believe me, the hype surrounding this place was not wrong. There is really nowhere on this property that gives bad light! The only downside was fighting for locations because so many other photographers were there for the same reason I was LOL. It really is the perfect backdrop for any type of session!

I’m so glad Erin found me and asked me to photograph their session because I had a blast. I don’t know how I get so lucky, but I always seem to find clients that make me feel like the world is so small and friendly. Will is from Lexington Kentucky which is only 45 minutes from my hometown so we had some fun banter over whether the Cardinals or the Wildcats are better. I’m all about those Cards of course, but he’s a Cat fan, through and through. 😉

And just a funny little story from this session: originally balloons were going to be involved for some Save The Date images. But as Will walked in with them they told him they weren’t allowed. (Total bummer) So he tied them to a pole outside the garden while we did some photos. When he went back for them afterward, they were gone! I’m still not entirely sure one of the security guards who told him no didn’t take them, even though he said they flew away. LOL…sigh…a mystery that will never be solved!
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