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For nearly 10 years, I've been a private photo editor for talented photographers all over the country.  I understand A.I. continues to grow smarter in it's ability to assist photographers with post-shoot editing, however, it's just the reality that A.I. won't always get it right 100% of the time. Nothing compares to a well-trained human eye.

Working with me, you'll receive:
•One-on-One Service from the very beginning. We'll discuss your style, allowing me to understand your preferred aesthetic and how best to achieve it using your anchor images.
•Consistent editing efforts so your gallery is cohesive and consistent for your client
• a 5-7 Business Day Turnaround
• work from Lightroom CC Smart Preview Catalogs shared via cloud-based services

• Necessary Edits Based on Your Editing Style May Include:
• Color Correction
• Exposure & White Balance Adjustment
• Contrast, Shadows, Black & Whites, Highlights
• Lens Correction
• Sharpening, Grain Reduction
• HSL Panel and Clarity, Saturation and Vibrance Adjustments
• Crop & Straighten* 

*done at the editor's discretion based on whether these actions will compromise the integrity of the photo



$.06 per image


$.45 per image


the price

I will manually edit each image meticulously as needed to match anchor images and provide an overall consistent aesthetic. Full Service includes:
  • color correction
  • exposure correction
  • Spot healing/cloning out small distractions* 
  • straightening/cropping for composition or to remove distractions* 

Send a Lightroom smart previews catalog that you have already run through AI service based on your preferred profile. 
I  will assess each image individually for consistency and adjust as needed. 
Adjustments include:
  • color correction
  • exposure correction
  • straightening/cropping for composition or to remove distractions* 

*spot healing / cloning / straightening / cropping will be at the editor's discretion based on whether either action will compromise the integrity of the photo. 

optional add-on services

Allow me to save you time by creating your blog posts for you and share your work with your audience. These services include:

  • Adding metatags (any specific/preferred tags such as venue names, cities, etc will be provided by you when the catalog is sent over)
  • Transcribing Voxers (sent by you) to write a descriptive blog of each event
  • Creating blog post in Wordpress, adding text and images, and utilitizing any SEO plugins preferred

$35 per catalog


$35 per catalog

Let me narrow down your best images for you! I know AI has culling services but let's face it, the human eye is always superior for this type of work, as we can see emotion in a photo that A.I. just can't detect. Where A.I. might leave it out, I'll leave it in if I believe the intention for the photo calls for it.  For .06 cents per image in the original Smart Preview Catalog, I'll cull down to the best of the best.


Using social media apps to promote your business and gain more traction and traffic is so common, but often fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Let me take it off your hands so you can reap the benefits but save the time. 
These services include:
  • Create graphics for Instagram stories to promote new blog posts
  • Create an image for pinning links to blog posts on Pinterest
  • Pin individual images with any tags or keywords for Pinterest/SEO
  • Create 2-3 slideshow reels per catalog for Instagram Stories to promote blog posts

A.I. Refinement

$.14 per image



the cannons


We truly would not be able to provide our clients with such a timely and detailed experience without Courtney on our team. 
we are so grateful for the willingness that she has had throughout the years to gracefully hear our feedback, as we continued to level up as photographers, and the growth that she has given us with her editing expertise.



sarah brookhart


Outsourcing my editing to Courtney was the smartest decision for my business in order to make better use of both my business efforts and personal time.



"Courtney has revolutionized my workflow. I suddenly had time to work on GROWTH projects instead of living behind my computer."

cassi claire




My business has benefited dramatically since working with Courtney as my editor. I deliver quicker, more consistent galleries to my clients and I've been able to focus on better business strategies and growth instead of editing.

cassidy thompson


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