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Even after shooting for over 8 years I still get nervous before a shoot. This one was no different and I felt like the pressure even more than normal. Why, you might ask? Well, Kaylee booked me after being referred to me by another bride that hadn’t even worked with me yet. LOL. Yes, to clarify, another bride-to-be named Sarah, only days after booking me herself, passed my information on to Kaylee’s sister after only having a Skype call with me! We had not even scheduled her engagement session yet and she was already passing along my name. It made me feel so great and so nervous at the same time. It turns out Sarah felt so confident and comfortable in her decision to hire me as her photographer after chatting face to face on Skype, that she had no qualms with referring me.

I felt so great after hearing that! But then I was like, uh oh! I haven’t even photographed anyone yet! The pressure was on to make them love work I produce. Luckily shortly afterward I did photograph Sarah and Corey’s engagement session and it just happened to be at the same location where Kaylee and Mike are hosting their wedding. Sarah loved her images and Kaylee loved them and loved knowing I got the opportunity to see where I’d be shooting her big day. How perfect is that?

For Kaylee and Mike’s engagement session we visited Spanish River Park and the beach there for an early morning shoot. We found some great little spots with amazing light and we even got to include their dog Marla in a few! (A huge thank you to Jaclyn, Kaylee’s twin sister, for her help with Marla!) Now this is the dork in me, but when I found out her dog’s name was Marla I immediately thought of Marla Hooch, a character in the classic 90’s film A League of Their Own. Marla Hooch/Marla Pooch…I mean, come on. How great a name, right? I later found out that Marla was in fact named after Marla Hooch! HA! Go figure. I knew I liked Kaylee. Not only was she a twin (like me!) but she named her dog after one of my favorite 90’s movie characters ever. I seriously have seen that movie dozens of times. (No kidding, if you knew me you’d know my childhood movie obsession.) LOL!

Okay, enough chit chat (because I can talk all day long) Here are some highlights from Kaylee and Mike’s engagement session.



  1. Rita says:

    Too many coimmlpents too little space, thanks!

  2. Erin Kontos says:

    Just getting on your amazing site and wanted to say amazing engagement pics!  -Erin 

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