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It’s not every day someone asks me to photograph a wedding on a Tuesday. But you will never hear me complain! It was a refreshing change to photograph a smaller week day wedding and even more so to step outside of my usual South Florida market and shoot a Clearwater Beach wedding. And, it was so much fun to be asked to photograph this wedding because Robert is one of my dearest friend’s brothers. When you have friends that truly value what you do so much that they get their family members on board to have you photograph their wedding, it really is such an honor. So thank you, Paige, for loving me and what I do so much that you asked me to be a part of your brother’s special day.

Robert and Hannah, I am in such awe of your love. I’ve been able to document the weddings of so many others, but to have a groom show so much love and emotion for his bride, and do it with so much pride…well, it’s a rare thing. Robert had such a hand in planning this day and the work he did on customizing their small beach wedding and choosing the decorations – well, anyone would be impressed! I really believe that any groom who goes above and beyond to make the day so special for his bride the way Robert did will truly live happily ever after. I have no doubt that these two will grow old together and do it with true love in their hearts and smiles on their faces.





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