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They actually said I do one year prior to this beautiful wedding day. This day was to celebrate their love with their family and friends in Louisville who were not present on the day the marriage became legal in the eyes of the law. And I can tell you with every wedding I shoot why it’s important to me. Because I have that connection with all my clients. (What can I say, I’m blessed!) But this wedding takes me back. To the first wedding that I ever booked, to be exact. Taylor is the younger sister of Merideth who was the first ever bride to hire me. Typically I’d link you to that wedding, but it’s so far in the archives I don’t believe I have a link and to be honest, my work has improved so drastically that I’d almost be embarrassed to show those photos now. LOL. Lucky for me, Merideth and Chris still cherish those images so it’s ok! Ha!

Though both Taylor and myself are from Louisville, Taylor and Josh live in Florida where he serves in the Coast Guard so I got to meet them in Fort Pierce for their engagement session last year which was really fun and so convenient. Isn’t it funny how life works like that? We go so far back, and from a city so far from where we both live now in Florida. (Taylor in Edgewater and myself in Miami, of course.)  But I was happy to be back in Louisville for this wedding and getting to catch up with old friends. It means that world to me that after so many years, I was still the one she called to capture this day for her. As cheesy as it may sound, it really warms my heart and I can’t thank Taylor and Josh enough for giving me the opportunity to photograph this day.

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Dress : Vera Wang at David’s Bridal

Reception Venue : Louisville Glassworks

DJ/Entertainment : NRG Entertainment

Wedding Cake : Heitzman’s Bakery

Invitations : Wedding Paper Divas

Hairstyling : Tiffany Salon and Spa
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