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Museum of Fine Arts Saint Petersburg

I have been SO excited to share this St Petersburg engagement session and just have not had the time to sit down and write all that I have to say about these two. This has to be one of my favorite sessions ever for so many reasons. Have you ever had someone come in your life and you just know they were sent there on purpose? Cheesy as it sounds, that is exactly how I feel about Alexis and Weston. Here’s the fun story of how they reached out to me.

Alexis is a good friend of Maggie‘s, who married Adam in Key Largo back in April. She happened to be the one who caught Maggie’s bouquet at her reception which was thrown in a less traditional manner, having tossed it as soon as she was announced into her reception. I really loved the photos I captured of Alexis catching that bouquet, and apparently Alexis did too! She reached out to me after getting engaged to tell me once she saw that photo of her catching those flowers, she knew she wanted me to photograph her engagement session and wedding. As exciting as that was to hear, it’s not even the best part! LOL.

Bear with me here. She also told me that even though they had yet to pick a date and start planning, they needed their engagement session in mid-June because her fiancé, Weston, and she were moving since he had just graduated med school and was starting his new career in dermatology. Where were they moving, you might ask? Well, none other than the awesome city of Louisville! That’s right, Weston graduated med school at University of Louisville and for the next year while he officially gets started in dermatology they will reside in my hometown and my favorite city. How cool is that?! But wait, this story isn’t even over yet.

Because he was in med school in Louisville and they were celebrating his graduation, she was in Louisville with him over the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. So they attended the derby together, all decked out in amazing fashion, of course, and he had a special racing form printed up that he used to pop the question to her while they were there. Um….are you for real? How sweet is that? And what’s even cooler is that I was there too! I mean, not with them of course because I didn’t even know them at the time, but for Randy’s birthday we flew from Miami to Louisville so I could take him and his parents to the Derby for the weekend. Isn’t that the coolest little coincidence?

No wait, though. It gets better LOL. When she told me she had a deadline for when they had to have their engagement photos done, I wondered if I could make it work because though she is a Floridian, she’s not in Miami, or even South Florida for that matter. Turns out she they are both from St Petersburg and that’s where they wanted their session. Well, it just so happened that in mid June I had a Tuesday wedding booked in Clearwater (only 20 minutes from Saint Pete!) I mean, guys…was this meant to be or was this MEANT TO BE?! So I shot the wedding on Tuesday and met with Alexis and Weston on Wednesday morning, and this is the result of that fun time together.

And really, not only was this a super fun story to tell with lots of fun little coincidences, but look at the gorgeousness of these two people. I mean, really. They just ooze love for each other and I love it. From everything to the weather, the light, the couple, and the love all over their adorable faces, this session was perfection. I can’t wait until these two start planning the wedding!

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  1. Gina says:

    such an awesome story/blog. you are truly talented Courtney! and the photos are amazing! Great job!

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