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I love when my clients schedule engagement sessions relatively soon after their booking. It’s such a great way to get to know them before we spend what could be many months communicating mostly through email or text before the wedding. In Rachel and John’s case I photographed their engagement session about 6 and a half months before their wedding day. The downside of that is that I feel like it took forever to get to the wedding and see them again! LOL.

Rachel makes me laugh because she is like the anti-bride, which rarely even exists these days. She emailed me a few weeks before the wedding and told me how much she just dreaded the entire planning process, so even though she was excited to be marrying the love of her life, she was just hoping I could do my thing and she’d be okay with basically whatever I had to do timeline-wise. LOL. And that’s what I did! Kristy (my second shooter for the day) and myself showed up and just did everything very go with the flow because that’s how the entire wedding party was. Even with a slight hiccup in the day where we waited out a quick South Florida Storm, we managed to take some really great photos of this couple after their first look and have a great rest of the day.

What impressed me most about this day was how smooth everything went because it was such an action packed weekend for them! Literally the day before the wedding, John graduated med school so they celebrated that as well as the nuptials. Isn’t that fun? And that was only the beginning of their adventure. After the graduation and the wedding, they set off on their honeymoon to London and Paris (which funnily enough was just like Randy and my honeymoon three years ago!) and then literally as soon as they returned they were packing up their temporary Florida home to set up life in New York where John matched for his residency. What an incredible journey these two are on, and I wish them ALL the best.

Wedding Day Vendors:

Getting Ready location : Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

Ceremony and Reception Venue : The Maxwell Room

Florals : Victoria Park Flower Studio

Wedding Cake : Publix

Wedding Invitations : Wedding Paper Divas

Makeup : Aimee Ortega

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