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Pompano Beach Engagement Session The Hillsboro Club

I was so excited to photograph Sarah and Corey’s Pompano Beach Engagement Session at the Hillsboro Club. The first time we spoke via video chat I knew she was exactly the kind of bride I always search for and hope to book.  In the last year I began incorporating Skype meetings into my business as a way to meet potential clients Face to Face. After living in Miami for a few years now I quickly realized that meeting in actually in-person meetings was more of a chore for both of us than it was a pleasant experience. South Florida is hundreds of miles when you actually map it out. It includes around at least 3 counties (more depending who you ask) and can take as long as 2 hours driving north to Palm Beach, and 3 hours driving south to Key West.  As much as I love getting to know brides and grooms prior to booking, I hated asking them to accommodate my schedule and asking that they drive so far to meet me locally, or having to pack up all my stuff and make the trek to them if they weren’t able to come my way.

Pretty much every client I have booked for my 2017 calendar (and even a couple of 2016 brides and grooms) have had a FaceTime or Skype meeting with me first and it’s been awesome! When I met with Sarah and Corey prior to their engagement session Sarah told me she actually initially dreaded having our Skype call because she thought it would be awkward. LOL. Luckily I love to talk so there is never any quiet time enough for any awkward pauses. HA! She ended up telling a friend about me after she booked and even before we met in person all because of how at ease she felt during our Skype chat. Gotta love stories like that, right?!

And of course Corey was just as sweet as Sarah and spending a gorgeous evening with them at the Hillsboro club was so much fun! They both made me laugh, made each other laugh, and looked amazing while doing it! BTW, the whole time I was shooting I kept saying how much it freaked me out that Sarah so resembled Jennifer Lawrence. Anyone that knows me, knows my clear obsession with J-Law. So I very dorkily pointed it out every time she would make a Jennifer type gesture or smile. Turns out her sister gets told all the time she looks like J-Law, so I guess it’s a family trait! LOL. Maybe they’re related in some distant way!

Enough rambling, how about looking at all this prettiness?!
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