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My lack of blogging is no indication of the amount of work I’ve had. Quite the opposite actually! I have so many sessions and weddings that have not yet made the blog, but I can’t wait to show them off! We’ll start here, with Lindsay and David.

Now I like to start off telling you what is so special about these couples, because every couple is special and every couple is different. But this couple holds a little extra space in my heart because Lindsay and I are cousins. We grew up together. When I think Lindsay, I think summer time swimming, I think sticker collections, I think dancing. I think New Kids On The Block, writing letters to each other, playing Sega! LOL. So many memories are compiled from all the time we spent as children. When we grew older and went to separate schools and started getting involved in different activities and different friendships, we kind of drifted but the one thing that remained the same is that we were family. That would never change. 🙂

In 2014 when Lindsay announced her pregnancy and due date a mere couple weeks from my own, my first thought was, “man, if I were still in Kentucky, how fun would it be to have our kiddos grow up together too!” Then we both found out we were having girls, and they ended up being delivered only 6 days apart. History could have repeated itself! But 1,000 miles between us kind of puts a damper on that idea, I suppose! LOL. But I finally did get to meet her sweet Lynnlea, at our cousin Blake’s wedding in September last year. Not only did I meet her, but I finally met her fiancé David for the first time as well. Up to this point we had all only kept in touch via Facebook. (good ol’ Facebook.) And I was absolutely thrilled when Lindsay approached me about wedding photography a few months later as she started planning her own wedding. I can’t wait for October to be a part of such a big day.



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