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Boca Raton Wedding at the AddisonBack in January I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding along side one of my oldest friends in the business. She also happens to be one of the most talented photographers I know, Rachael Oerther of Rach Loves Troy. She has been the photographer at so many weddings for this circle of friends that Kelsey brought her down from Savannah just to photograph her own Boca Raton Wedding at The Addison. Hands down, it’s definitely one of my favorite venues in South Florida.

Not only was shooting with Rachael so much fun, but spending the day with Kelsey and Fred turned out to be a really great experience as well. They are so humble and down to earth and they have the nicest friends and family. And her maid of honor had me belly laughing at the reception during the toast. Speaking of the reception, as the second shooter I get to work at a different pace than when I’m a primary shooter. As second shooter I love focusing on a different view during the portraits and also the amazing details that were set up at The Addison so you’ll see a ton of those photos in this blog post. A huge thank you again to Rachael for inviting me along and I hope to do it again soon!
kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton005Boca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton007kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton010kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton011kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton013kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton017kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton021Boca Raton Wedding at the AddisonBoca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton024Boca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton032Boca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton041kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton045Boca Raton Wedding at the AddisonBoca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton058Boca Raton Wedding at the AddisonBoca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton067Boca Raton Wedding at the Addisonkf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton069kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton070kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton074kf01082016_the_addison_boca_raton075Boca Raton Wedding at the Addison



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