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Up until 3 days ago, I was still calling her my 9 month old. I was walking in the grocery store and someone approached me about how cute she was (it happens ALL the time, lol…I mean, can you blame them?) and they asked me, how old is she? I responded, “She’s 9 months!”. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized, oh my gosh, on Friday she will be 10 months old! That is TWO months from her 1 year birthday. Are you kidding me?

I always felt like Evan’s baby days went fast, but holy cow, guys. The second baby’s time just flies. You don’t have as much down time with baby number 2 to really appreciate all those little moments and milestones because you’re still trying to keep up with baby number 1. And to be honest, I can’t think about it too much because  it just brings on the mom guilt. I have to remind myself how happy she is when I walk in the room, and how she squeals in the mornings when I get her out of bed because she is happy to see me, and those things make me feel better and tells me even with that guilt, I must being doing something right.

Here’s to another month of learning, growing, and loving on these sweet cheeks. I could cry just typing this as I ponder over how much my family means to me and how blessed I feel with my life. Sometimes I just think back on my life 5 years ago and how completely different it was then. I think about how I never thought then I’d be living this life now, and I thank my lucky stars that God felt I deserved this sweet family and this wonderful life.

elliott04272015__0015elliott04272015__0016And this is the face that you get when you tell her she can’t eat rocks.



  1. Ana Garcia says:

    She is so cute and adorable. Love the phots you take of her.

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