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In October last year I went back to Louisville to photograph a special wedding. It was not just another bride and groom (none of my couples are, but you know what I mean!) Lindsay is my cousin and we grew up together. As the years went by we drifted apart but God love Facebook for allowing us to stay in touch and keep up with each other’s lives, am I right?! I was especially happy for her to find out she and Dave were expecting the same time as Randy and I were. Then only 6 days before I gave birth to my little Elliott in 2015, Lindsay gave birth to her sweet baby girl Lynnlea. If we were closer I’m sure the two would be great friends growing up, just like their mommies were!

I was so happy to be asked to photograph this wedding at Shall We Dance in Anchorage and Lindsay made a beautiful bride. Dave and Lindsay compliment each other so well, I am so happy for them and look forward to watching their family as they grow and change.



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