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Taryn and Jeff met when they were a bridesmaid and groomsman in the same wedding party. A few years later, here they are planning their own wedding! And of course, the couple who introduced them on their own wedding day will be in their wedding party as well.

Lately I feel like I’ve been booking weddings pretty far in advance which leaves me impatiently anticipating doing the job I love so much! HA! But theirs has been a little refreshingly different. They’ve been engaged since May but didn’t book me as their wedding photographer until about 2 weeks ago! And their wedding itself is only 5 months away now.  So we scheduled their engagement photos rather quickly, and I was so excited to meet them in person and get to know them better. We met  at Tree Tops Park in Davie, FL, one of my favorite places to do a shoot, and we had a great time!

It’s always fun watching a couple interact with each other, but also I like to see how they’re going to interact with me since I’ll be following them around for their big day. I’m pleased to say these two were a breeze to be around! Jeff was taking the whole thing in stride (because let’s be honest, there are not a ton of men that are super thrilled with the idea of a photo session!) and he was cracking jokes and making me laugh a lot! Taryn was so laid back and clearly she loves her fiancé’s humor too, because all these laughs and smiles you see in the photos here were so real and genuine! Needless to say, I’m stoked for March to get here. Not only will the day be amazing, but come on. These two look like total models here, I can’t imagine how totally amazeballs they are going to look on their wedding day all fancy. 😉

Take a peek through more of my favorites from their session.


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