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I’m jumping ahead in my blogging a bit even though I have two other weddings I want to share, because Maggie and Adam are here this week to say I Do all the way from Dallas! Since they are a destination bride and groom we planned their engagement session only days before their wedding. Now I feel the need to share it before the wedding, because it just makes sense. LOL. This session ended up being a great chance to get to know each other better before we spend the whole day together Saturday, but let’s be honest. I already knew I loved them before this photo shoot! I had a quick video chat with them several weeks back to go over some wedding details and it just got me so excited for this engagement shoot and the wedding. Hanging out with them last night made me sad I don’t live in Dallas or that they don’t live in Miami because I would totally be that weirdo that invited them to hang out all the time. While shooting, we had a ton of laughs and it was like Maggie was inside my head the whole time. She said things out loud that I was thinking silently, and she hardly needed any direction for the photos because it was like she knew exactly what I wanted her to do before asking her to do it. I think she’s telepathic! LOL. I’m SO excited for Saturday’s big day, I just know it’s going to be a blast.

Until I shoot and share those photos, enjoy these engagement photos from their time at the Hilton Key Largo Resort (where I got married 3 years ago….can I get a collective “Aw”? Just kidding!)




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