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Hi Internet! Remember that time I photographed this absolutely GORGEOUS wedding for Jeff and Taryn in Fort Lauderdale?  No? Well, probably because it took me over a year to blog it. You guys!!!! I haven’t blogged in over a year! WHAT?! Who have I become? I remember when I used to blog everything I did and then some. Any readers still out there that have followed my photography career long enough to remember those days? LOL. No really, does anyone still read blogs anymore? I really don’t even know. Ahhhh, life before marriage and children and running two businesses. Facebook Memories have really reminded me how on-game I used to be when it came to sharing my life, both personal and work. So I’d love to try to get back into it, and I’m picking up where I believe I left off. At least I think this is where I left off (March 2017). I’ve even made a list of things I need to share from portraits to weddings, to personal events. So keep checking back, if not for any reason other than to see the way my work has evolved over the year. I’ve been really happy with what I’ve been doing with my photography lately and I’m THRILLED to share these particular images with you from this day.

I’ll also be happy to share more about what my newest venture in this business has become. Many already know I’ve become a full time private photo editor for other talented wedding photographers, and I’ve truly enjoyed the experience. But I’ll blog about what that has meant for my photography business and how it has changed my life outside of the office as well.
tj03252017_726tj03252017_739tj03252017_772tj03252017_800tj03252017_815tj03252017_817Courtney Jones Photography specializes in South Florida Wedding Photography located in Miami FL, but available for travel world wide! Contact Courtney for more information on booking today.


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